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How do you like to fuck, sir?

How do you like to fuck, sir?

Our fun loving panel of London escorts from shared with us how they like to be fucked. I thought it was a really good topic for the guys as well, so I sent my trusted team of London escorts out to ask a few guys how they liked it. To be honest, the escorts soon reported back and said that many of the guys they spoke to were a bit shy and reluctant to answer the question.

Come on, I thought to myself as I put my coat on, why do you not want to talk to my escorts panel. The girls only want to know what your favorite position is, and this is just simply how escorts do a little bit of market research in their spare time. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went of to join my trusted escorts.

How do you like it, sir?

The escorts seemed to have been a little bit too direct. They had simply started to approach men, and asked them how they would like to be fucked. I suggested that we changed our tactics a little bit. We came up with the more discreet “How do you like it, sir?” That approach soon received a bit of a better response, and allowed us to promote the Better Sex guide at the same time.

Missionary Style

A lot of the men that we spoke seemed to enjoy the standard missionary style. They said it allowed them to maintain control better, and they also felt more in control of their partners.

Most of them were not into any of the variations of the position, but simply preferred the legs apart position. It offered easy access to them, and they also enjoyed feeling their partner’s boobs rubbing against them. It surprised me, but many of them were not aware of the variations of this position.

When the woman wraps her legs around the back of her partner can increase the pleasure for the man. It also allows her to hold him closer to her, and she may feel more pleasure on her clit. Penetration can become a bit deeper but the problem with this position is that the man may have to be prepared to take some more strain on his arms. Perhaps all men should work on their physique a bit more.

You can furthermore vary this position with putting a pillow under the lady’s bottom. It does offer better and deeper penetration, and many ladies say that they feel more stimulated in this way. In this position it is also easier for the men to grab hold of the lady’s hips. A lot of women like to have their hips held, and it can be a very comforting and embracing position. It is not very different from an opening pose in yoga, and ladies often come quickly.

Girls on Top

A lot of the guys that we spoke to were not sure about girls on top. One of the escorts said that when she spoke to one man, he expressed a concern about being dominated in this position, and many others felt the same way.

Perhaps we should take a further look at this position and see what can be done with it. There are some variations which may make the man feel more involved.