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Prostitution has been legal in Amsterdam since 1830. Running a brothel is also very legal in Amsterdam. However, it is very illegal to mix any brothel business with criminal activities. Due to the legality of this business, nightlife in Amsterdam attracts the biggest number of visitors annually compared to any other city in the world it surprisingly tops London and elite London escorts. This city has been featured in many movies and cinemas that want to include prostitution and brothels’ scenes.

Being one of the most successful income earning revenue, Amsterdam has the highest local and international prostitutes per square kilometre than any other city in the world once again beating London and London escorts. The town is home many sailors, businessmen, travellers and people of all walks that want escorts for to keep them company.


Although prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, there are rules and regulations that prostitutes and clients have to obey. One such rule is; No criminal activity should be accompanied by an act of prostitution. This means that no prostitute or client should be involved in activities like armed robbery, raping or sexual molestation, kidnapping and money laundering.

The law also forbids any person from taking profits from the prostitutes. The municipal protects the public from harassing the prostitutes. The municipal regulates prostitution and sets up all standards that pertain to prostitution. One of the major duties of the municipal council is to protect the minors from prostitution, they regulate prostitution and they also prosecute the offenders. They are also involved in combating human trafficking and issuing licenses to brothels that fulfil all necessary requirements.

The Dutch government treats prostitutes as independent entrepreneurs. All  working prostitutes, both boys and girls, must submit their tax forms.


The local police, municipal health and district council are the main bodies that are mandated to ensure that the laws are followed. The police are responsible for ensuring that children are not involved in prostitution. They also ensure that the brothels or other premises running prostitution are safe and that no gangs can thrive.

If a business is involved in any illegal business the court can close down the premises. The offenders are also charged.


The statistics for the number of prostitutes in Amsterdam vary just like london. However, many reliable sources range their averages between 15,000 and 30,000, the data about escorts in London is unavailable however we assume that it is less. A charitable foundation established by a former renowned prostitute Mariska Majoor, offers help to sex workers and escorts in form of advise and counselling services. They also inform the public on prostitution and how to helps the society. They also have a gallery where they sell books and magazines about prostitution. They organise lectures about prostitution and even hold conferences. It’s possible to imply that if London escorts had this kind of support and awareness in London society they may be more popular and accepted in London.


The Dutch authority does not have a protocol on how to seek sex services. All a client needs to do is stop at a Red District and if he sees a girl he is interested with, he gives a gesture by winking. A

client has to talk to the girl about what sexual pleasures she offers. If they have a deal and then the client pays the girl and they book a room.

There are also many escorts that can be found in Amsterdam.