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Porn’s biggest domain registrar puts 1,000 new .XXX sites up for sale

Aspiring porn barons or escort services agency, whip out your checkbooks. A slew of new .XXX domains have just become available for purchase.

ICM Registry, the top level domain’s owner, is releasing Wednesday more than 1,000 .XXX addresses to sell on a first-come, first-serve basis. The keywords up for grabs are prime real estate to cater to the Internet’s pervy needs; however, they come at a hefty price.

At $220,000, Girls.XXX is the most expensive new domain up for sale. Fuck.XXX slides in to the second slot for $165,000, Cum.XXX lands in third place with $132,000, while Love.XXX ($79,530) and Mature.XXX ($75,000) sensually round out the top five.

DDD.XXX is the cheapest domain for sale at $330, so if you needed an incenteive to start that Guy Fieri-themed porno, we hope this isn’t it. Freeliveporn.XXX is also on sale that bargain price. (Of note, Seniors.XXX is also for sale for $1,320.)

The prices are determined by the traffic and search popularity on ICM Registry’s search directory. Search.XXX’s aim is to funnel users into .XXX-branded domain sites, thus strengthening what critics have claimed is ICM’s monopoly on online porn.

It’s working: Search.XXX has received more than 1.6 billion page impressions since its launch on Sept. 27, according to a press release. With Search.XXX acting essentially as a storefront for .XXX websites, ICM Registry is using it to determine what users want to watch and, more importantly, which .XXX websites it can sell.

“For years we’ve studied keywords—but in the last few weeks we have had the ability to know exactly what is currently driving consumers’ interests,” said ICM Registry’s CEO, Stuart Lawley in a press release. “Search.XXX allows us to provide real-time industry insight while protecting individual consumer privacy.”

With the .XXX domain all but controlled by ICM Registry, the Florida-based company is looking to expand their dominance and obtain .sex, .porn, and .adult domains. If they’re successful, current .XXX domain owners will also have access to those three domain strings for free.

How To Have Sex With A Girl At A Party

Develop a nice rapport. Unless you’ve got the kind of knock-out looks and killer body that make women instinctively spread their legs, you’re going to have to work a bit at the relationship, just like you normally do when talking to a member of the opposite sex. n and spends all night talking about Virgil might seem less kinky than the girl with pink hair and a tattoo of a vagina on her neck.

The physical space needs to work. You’re not going to have much luck in having sex with a girl at a party if the party is in your buddy’s studio apartment. You need to be in a place that has a nice, quiet area to which you can retreat—someplace that will be quiet and safe.

Alcohol can’t hurt, but be smart. Alcohol lowers our inhibitions, so if you both feel at little buzzed, it will increase the likelihood that you’re willing to do something you might not normally do. Enjoy some adult beverages until you’re both feeling a little loose and then you can make the move.

How To Have A Sex Orgy Party

Sex isn’t always just for two; if you know how to have a sex orgy party, you are guaranteed to have a titillating, sexually fulfilling, and totally unforgettable experience. No matter your sexual preferences or fantasies, a sex orgy party can be a great way to experiment with having multiple partners, partners of varying genders, or to watching others have sex. While a sex orgy party will inevitably be an eye-opening, uninhibited affair, it is important that everyone involved is comfortable with participating and fully aware of the circumstances.

Determine the “guest list.” The first step in setting up a successful sexy orgy party is to decide who you would like to invite. You may want to invite singles, couples, or both, but make sure that all participants know who is attending before the orgy begins. While you are figuring out who to invite, keep in mind whether you’d like to engage in heterosexual and/or homosexual activity. Try to choose people you find sexually attractive, who are comfortable with the same kinds of sexual behaviors you are.
Set a date, time, and location. Whether it’s in someone’s private home, a hotel, a sex club, or somewhere else, be sure to pick a place that can properly accommodate your sex orgy party. A setting with comfortable beds or furniture is generally preferable. If you are planning your orgy during evening hours, it is a good idea to pick a place that will allow participants to stay overnight.
Establish an agreed upon set of guidelines. As we all know, things can get a little crazy in the heat of the moment. Sexual comfort levels differ from person to person, so to avoid upsetting or offending anyone, it is always a good idea to let the people in your sex orgy party know beforehand if anything is off limits. For example, while there may be multiple males in the orgy party, some may not want to engage in homosexual intercourse. This should be made clear before the party starts. Will video recording devices be allowed? Some women may be not want to participate in anal sex, and some people may be against bondage or S&M. Whatever the rules, it is important that everyone is in agreement to avoid bad feelings afterward. If the orgy is a free-for-all, make sure everyone involved is aware of this as well.
Determine whether or not alcohol will be involved. In reality, a sex orgy party can be slightly intimidating, awkward, or nerve-wracking. Many people use alcohol or other substances to loosen themselves up and shake some last minute inhibitions. Make sure everyone at the orgy is comfortable with the substances that are being brought into the situation.
Have fun! A sex orgy party is an undoubtedly liberating experience and the perfect opportunity to live out your so far unfulfilled sexual fantasies. Don’t be too uptight, and remember, everyone is there to have a good time. Whether you’re experiencing multiple women at once for the first time or watching your sexiest friends go at it, an orgy is a night you’ll never forget, so make the most of it!

Being involved in a sex orgy party can be one of the sexiest, most memorable experiences you’ll have in your lifetime. As long as you’re in a comfortable environment with people who get you hot and bothered, your orgy is sure to be something that no one will forget–and if you’re lucky, will want to repeat regularly!